Hanuman Prasad Poddar An Exalted Divinity


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This book contains an authentic biography of two greatest divinities of this country about which people are not yet well acquainted. It has also a unique account not described elsewhere about the actual meeting of Bhaijee-Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar with lord Vishnu in 1927 in Jasidih in front of several gentlemen and again in Gorakhpur. A second important event is the exclusive appearance of saint Narad and the great sage Angira in front of Bhaijee in 1936. A conversation of Bhaijee with a Parsee ghost would certainly convince the people about the importance of Shradha to be performed after one’s death. Bhaijee was a true saint and social reformer and was also involved in India’s independence movement. Founder editor of the famous magazine “KALYAN, BHAIJEE DID HERCULEAN EFFORTS TO TRANSLATE RARE AND ANCIENT INDIAN SCRIPTURES LIKE RAMAYANA AND MAHABHARAT FROM SANSKRIT TO HINDI AND MADE THEM AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE AT VERY NOMINAL PRICE. Bhaijee showed evidence of the brightest identity of the sweet love towards Radha-Krishna and explored its feasibility to achieve it with utmost simplicity through discourses and texts. He did an extraordinary campaign for divine name and religious devotion (Bhakti)amidst the general masses.

The inclusion of a short biography of another divinity- Seth Shri Jaidayal Goyandka is another feature of this seminal book. The credit for the establishment of Gitapress in Gorakhpur, Govind Bhavan in Kolkata, Gita Bhavan of Swargashram in Rishikesh, and Rishikul ashram in Churu including a unique, authentic, and best commentary on the Gita goes to him only.



O.P. Gupta